Photoshop work and image manipulation

Some times you have a great image of your product but something is just not right.  You might need a different background, change the colour of a product, or even add people to a layout, Lily Ripple Design can help fine tune that image for you with photoshop.

From basic retouching of removing blemishes and colour enhancement to advanced retouching of removing or inserting subjects and changing backgrounds, Lily Ripple Design have the experience to deliver you a quality image.

You may also have images that you need resized, cropped and optimised ready to put online in your social media or website.  Using Photoshop Lily Ripple Design can do that for you and supply you with ‘web-ready’ files that will be prefect for your online use.

All images will be assessed individually and quoted accordingly.

UCI Sit Stand Workstation Before

BEFORE: Original product image

UCI Sit Stand Workstation After

AFTER: Product added to lifestyle background

UCI Interchange Sit Stand Workstation

BEFORE: Orignial image before background or people added

UCI Interchange Sit Stand Workstation

AFTER: Product has now been added to office background and shadows adjusted.

UCI Interchange Sit Stand Workstation

AFTER: People have now been added to the background to make a realistic situation